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old time favorite sugar beans and yams

500g suar beans soaked overnight and boiled till soft and plump
1 large onion sliced
2 large tomatoes
4 green chillies
hand full of curry leaves
1tbl garlic ginger
1tbl kashmiri chillie powder
half tbl jeera powder
half tbl dhanya powder
dash of tumeric powder
salt to taste
4 elachie pods
2 broken up stick of cinnamon
3 cloves
1 anniseed
1tsp mustard seed
1tsp whole somph/fennel seeds
quarter cup brown tamarine juice
6 yams peeled if using large cut into halves[mudumbi]
chopped dhanya for garnish

place a large pot onto hot stove and add oil along with the sliced onions ,mustard seeds and all the hard spice. braise till slightly pink. turn the heat down to meduim. in a food processor add the tomatoes, curry leaves, salt ,green chillies, garlic ginger and all the powered spice and blend into a chunck mixture.add the mixture to the braised onions and cook for 5 min ,then add the sugar beans ,yams and some boling water and cook on low heat till the yams are soft. once the yams are soft add the tamarine juice and cook for 10 min. garnish with chopped green dhanya

serve with hot rotis or puri accompanied by pickles and salad

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